State of Alabama Driver's License Application Form

Brand of pick-up you are going to purchase:
 (_)Ford (_)Dodge (_)Chevy (_)Nisaan (_)Jeep

Last name: ___________________________

First name:

Age: ____  (_)Check here if unsure.

Gender: (_)M (_)F (_)Unsure

Spouse's Name: ______________________________
2nd Spouse's Name: __________________________
3rd Spouse's Name: __________________________
Lover's Name: _______________________________
2nd Lover's Name: ___________________________
3rd Lover's Name: ___________________________

Spouse's relation to you:
 (_)Sister/Brother (_)Cousin (_)Parent
 (_)Child (_)Aunt/Uncle (_)Pet

# of children living in your household: ____
# of children living in your shed: ____
# of children that you own: ____

Animals dwelling in your household:
 (_)Dog (_)Cattle (_)Pig (_)Chicken
 (_)Horse (_)Frog (_)Rabbit (_)Goat

Is your home mobile? (_)Yes (_)No
Do you (_)own or (_)rent your home?

Current Occupation:
 (_)Farmer (_)Trucker (_)Waiter/ress
 (_)Owning a family grocery store

Highest Level of Education, by grade:
 (_)Under 1 (_)1 (_)2 (_)3 (_)4

Size of your yard, in acres:
 (_)1-4 (_)5-10 (_)More than 10

Distance from your home to nearest city/town, in miles:
 (_)10-20 (_)20-40 (_)More than 40

# of vehicles in your yard: ____
# of vehicles that you own: ____
# of guns/firearms you have: ____

Brand of your tractor: ___________

Total gambling debt this year: $_______

Model & year of your pick-up:
 ______________________, 194_

 (_)Farming (_)Brewing (_)Card Gaming
 (_)Hunting (_)Fishing (_)Guns in General

What magazines do you read?
 (_)National Enquirer (_)TV Guide (_)Globe
 (_)Soap Opera Digest (_)Guns n' Ammo

Preferred method of gambling:
 (_)Poker (_)Slots (_)Keno (_)Scratch & Win

What things to enjoy collecting?
 (_)Guns (_)Tobacco (_)Fish hooks
 (_)Worms (_)Bottle caps

What is your favorite TV show?
 (_)Andy Griffith (_)Three Stooges
 (_)Dukes of Hazard (_)Beverly Hillbillies
 (_)The Man Show (_)Don't have a TV

Who is your current idol?
 (_)Earl Scruggs (_)John Denver
 (_)Bob Dylan (_)Garth Brooks
 (_)Bruce Springsteen

Color of teeth:
 (_)Gold (_)Brown (_)Goldish-Brown (_)Black

Where to you get tobacco products?
 (_)Convenience Store (_)Pawn Shop