Recommended Treatment

A man goes to the doctor and he finds out that he is very ill and only has a few weeks to live. He can't believe it and starts asking the doctor, "What can I do?"

The Doctor says that unfortunatley it is too late and he should concentrate on getting his affairs in order.

"There must be something!" the man says. "What about radiation, Chemotherapy....I'm a tough guy!"

The doctor again says that there is nothing they can do for him and he should concentrate on the time he has left.

The man, however, is beside himself and will not give up. "Doc, please. What about experimantal treatments? I'm not leaving until you give me something!"

At this point the doctor finally says, "OK, if I were you I'd take my wife up to the wine country and go to one of those spas they have, for a mud bath."

Now the guy really can't believe it. "A mud bath?" he says. "If radiation won't work, chemo won't work, what is a mud bath supposed to accomplish?"

"Well, replies the Doctor, "It will get you used to dirt."