Sex Life

There was this woman who went to the doctors cause she was complaining that sex with her husband wasn't up to par. So the doctor recommended some sex pills and told her to give him one, have sex that night and come back to him with the results.

The next morning she went back to the doctor's and said "Well, the sex was much better but to tell you the truth it could be alot better." So the doctor said, "Give him him three tonight and come back to me with the results"

So she did that and the next morning she told him about her experience but said the same thing. "The sex can really be better, Doctor." So the Doctor said "What the hell, give your husband the whole bottle."

The next morning a little boy came into the doctor's office and the doctor asked if he could help him. "I'm the son of the lady you gave those pills to." "Oh, yes. How did they work?" asked the doctor.

"Well, my mom's dead, my sister's pregnant, my butt hurts, and my dad's laying on the couch saying 'Here Kitty, Kitty.'"