Farmer's Bull

Farmer:   I've  got a bull that's right off it duties.  It's got to service

    300 cows and all it wants to do is eat.

Vet:  Give it one of these little pills in its feed and stand back.

    So 2 weeks later the farmer comes back to the vet:

Farmer:   WOW, what a pill!  I gave the pill to the bull like you said  and

    POW!  It jumped  over the gate, ran down the lane and fucked 70 cows in

    30 minutes.

Vet:  So, what's the problem - why have you come back?

Farmer:   Well,  I was wondering, I am meeting this 18-year-old  tonight  -

    could you give me one of those tablets?  I'm not as young as I was.

Vet:   Oh,  no!  Sorry, it's too strong but I will give you a quarter of  a


    So  the  farmer takes the pill  and goes off to prepare for  his  date.

    Several days later, the farmer goes back to the Vet.

Farmer:  Hello, Vet.  Wonderful.  40 Times.

Vet:  So, why have you come back?

Farmer:  Ah!  I need something for my wrist - she never showed up!