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Banister Plank

Wouldn't this be great if he did not plank on the corner of the rails ... but plank in the middle of the longer rail! That would be dangerous!  Nice idea anyways.

Grade: B+

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BoooooooKnee Slapper 
Phonebooth Plank E-mail
Funny Pictures - Planking


Phone Booth Plank

Where did she find a phonebooth?? That is very impressive. 

Grade: B+


Elderly Plank E-mail
Funny Pictures - Planking


Elderly Man Planking

Physics would suggest this is impossible to pull off ... however, the old guy appears to be really trying to plank the bottle.  I'll give the man credit, and the photoshopper too for coming up with a great laugh for us all.

Grade: A-


Buff Guys Planking E-mail
Funny Pictures - Planking


Strong Guys Plank

This is an ultra impressive act ... and it's just that, an act. This would be tops in a circus, but we are going for a plank. 

Grade: D-


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BoooooooKnee Slapper 
Sexy Double Car Plank E-mail
Funny Pictures - Planking


Double Car Plank

One of the sexiest planks I have seen in quite some time. I wish they didn't have the rug on the car because then it would be a sexy, HOT plank! LOL!  I love this plank because it's face to hair, perfect form from head to toe by both women. Very nice! This is how you plank a car (minus the rug)!

Grade: A


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