What Men Say/What Men Mean

What guys say...                        ...What they mean...

It is just orange juice, try it. 	   3 more shots, and she'll have her
                                     legs around my head.

She's kind of cute            		   I want to bang her till I am blue

I don't know if I like her		         She won't blow me

I need you        	                  My hand is tired

I had her     		                     I had (wet dreams about) her all

I really want to get to know you   		...so I can tell my friends about
better                                	it

How do I compare with all your         Is my penis really that small?
other boyfriends?

You're the only girl I've ever      	You are the only girl who has not
cared about                            rejected me

I want you back                        ...for tonight anyway

We've been through so much together    If it was not for you, I never
                                       would have lost my virginity

I miss you so much               		I am so horny that my roommate is
                                       starting to look good

No, I do not want to dance right now	Shoot! She'll know that I have a

The break-up should not start		     	I want to have sex a few more times
for another 24 hours

I am different from all the other      I am not circumsized