Black Church Quiz

You know you went to a black church if you can answer at least 10 of the fill in the blanks:

"First giving _____to God, who is the ____ of my life, I'd like to say I'm glad to be in the _____ of the Lord one mo' time. 'Cause he brought me from a _____ long _____. I coulda' been dead, sleeping in my _____. But God is _____ all the _____. He's a _____ over troubled waters. He's a mother to the _____ and a _____ to the _____, a doctor in the _____ room and a _____ in the courtroom!

He's the _____ of the valley, bright and _____ star. He got up early one _____ morning with all _____ in his _____. Pray for me that I grow strong and I'll pray for you!"

Which ones could you not figure out?

If You know them all! --You are a faithful and obedient churchgoer. If You missed a few, --Wake up and pay more attention in services!

**Additional points given if, as you were filling in the blanks, you got happy!!