Ebonics Translations

A few terms to help you get started on your merry way towards the ver-nak-u-lar...compliments of the Oakland School District.

"Damn- that s**t is DOPE!"
~~~~~ That is a wonderful concept/object/action.

"I can't FADE that!"
~~~~~ I am unable to handle that at this time.

"Shante ain't HAVIN' it!"
~~~~~ This is not something that Shante will allow to occur.

"Homey- Boo was dropping PHAT beats."
~~~~~ Our friend Boo was playing some wonderful music.

"YO!- Let me GAFFLE that BLUNT!"
~~~~~ Might I be able to indulge in your marijuana cigarette?

"What's up? Why you ALL UP IN my s**t!?!"
~~~~~ Please sir/madam- stay out of my affairs.

"She is HELLA' CLOWIN' you HOMEY!"
~~~~~ The woman is creatively informing you that her interest in dating you is non-existant at this time.

"Woooooo- Renaldo was PITCHIN' STRAIGHT GAME to baby-doll, and it was SMOOOOOOOVE!"
~~~~~ Renaldo was creatively inquiring as to the marital status of the female, with the intention of asking her on a date.

"STEP OFF Cool- before I bust PHAT CAPS in your A** with my NEENER..."
~~~~~ It would be beneficial to your physical state to leave this area, as i will soon be encouraged by your disrespect towards me to shoot bullets into your fanny with my 9mm pistola.

"Why is 5-OH always BUGGIN'!?!"
~~~~~ Why are the police officers always worried?

"Friday night- COLD CHILLIN' with a 40 and a BLUNT."
~~~~~ It is Friday eve, and I am leisurely enjoying a forty ounce bottle of malt liquor and a marijuana cigarette.

"JIMMY was on and I was HITTIN' it!"
~~~~~ I had in my posession a condom, which was used in my engagement of sexual activity.