You're Invited

A man was tired of the city life so he decided to move way out in the country where he would have all the room and privacy that he needed. His house was at least 35 miles from everything and everyone. No one ever came to visit and he never went to visit anyone.

After about the sixth month at his new home, he began to get a little lonesome and wondered if he'd really made the right move. That evening while he sat in his rocking chair on his front porch, he noticed someone walking along his long, secluded driveway towards his house. He quickly approached the strange man and asked what he needed.

The stranger stated that he was a neighbor that lived just beyond the far hill and that he was having a party that night and would like to invite him. The man quickly accepted the neighbors offer and was relieved to finally have some company.

Before the neighbor left, he told the man, "You better let me warn you about something. At this party, there's probably going to be some drinking."

The man said, "Well that's all right, I like to do some drinking."

The neighbor said, "... and there's probably going to be some fighting."

The man said, "That's OK too, and like to do a little fighting."

Then the neighbor said, "... and after the drinking and fighting, there's probably going to be some sex."

The man said, "Nothing wrong with a little sex, now is there?"

The neighbor told the man to be there at 7:00 and started to leave when the man yelled, "Hey I'll bring the beer. How much do we need?"

The neighbor yelled back, "Oh, just a couple of six packs will do. It'll just be the two of us."