Horse in Bar

One day, a bar owner decided he had enough of the slow business and needed a gimmick. He finally decided on one. He got a horse and put it in the bar. He placed a sign over the horse and had the sign read.

"Pay $100, make the horse laugh win $1000" For years, the gimmick worked. Finally, a man walked into the bar saw the sign and asked, "Is that sign for real?" The bar owner told him it was.

The man paid $100, walked up to the horse and whispered something to the horse. The horse started to laugh falling to his knees.

The next day, the owner changed the sign.

Pay $100, make the horse cry, win $1000. For years the gimmick worked. One day, the same man walked into the bar and saw the sign. He paid the bar owner $100 and asked for a curtain. The man closed the curtain and then opened it a couple of moments later. The horse was now crying up a storm.

The man walked up to the bar owner and asked for his money. "Not so fast", the bar owner said, "First you have to tell me what you did both times!" "Simple", said the man, "First I told him I was bigger, this time I proved it"

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