The Cannibals and the 3 men

One day, 3 men were captured by cannibals and were brought to the chief. The Chief told them to get 10 of one kind of fruit and sends them off.

The 1st guy comes back with 10 apples. The chief then tells him that he has to stick all 10 apples up his butt without any expression or he will be killed and eaten. The 1st guy sticks in the first apple with great struggle but managed to get it in. Then he went for the second one but winced out in pain and was killed.

The 2nd guy came back with 10 berries. The chief explained the rules and the 2nd guy was putting them in one by one, 1....2...3...4....5...6....7...8...9... and as soon as he was getting to the tenth berry.., he laughed hysterically and was killed.

The 1st and 2nd guy meet in Heaven. The 1st guy asks the 2nd guy, " Why did you laugh?! You almost made it!!!". And the 2nd guy replied, "I couldn't help it... I saw the 3rd guy coming with pineapples !!!"

Submitted by: SilentSquall

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