Light Bulbs

Because her student's were getting bored with show and tell, the teacher decided to have the children come to the front of the class to tell of any unusual hobbies their parents had.

First was a girl, who said, "My mother has a collection of antique dolls."

"Very good," said the teacher. "And you, Harold?"

Harold said, "My father is the champion golfer at his country club."

"Very good, Freddy?"

Freddy announced that his mother's roses won a prize at the Garden Club.

Then the teacher called on Little Johnny. He stood, but didn't say a word until the teacher asked, "Don't your parents do anything you can tell us about?"

Little Johnny thought, and then said, "About all I know is that my father eats light bulbs."

"My word!" said the teacher, "Are you sure?"

Little Johnny nodded. "I was passing their bedroom the other night when I heard my father say, 'If you turn out the light, honey, I will eat it!"

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