The Gas Grill

So this couple had been married for about five years, and one fine summer day as they're out working in the yard, the man tells his wife, "Man, you're butt is getting fat."

She gets ticked off and moves to another part of the yard. The guy follows her and says, "You know that big gas grill over there. I'll bet your butt is as big as that grill. It's huge!"

The wife gets really mad, tells him HE can finish the yard HIMSELF and she goes inside. Then the husband finds a yardstick, measures the grill, goes inside and measures his wife and says, "Yup. They are both the same size."

The wife is livid! She doesn't speak to him the rest of the day. When the man comes to bed that night, he tries to cuddle up next to his wife and says, "Hey, honey, how 'bout it?" She thinks for a moment and pulls away.

"What's wrong?" he asks. She answers, "You're crazy, if you think I'm firing up that big gas grill for one little weenie."

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