15 Signs Your Love Life is Going Wrong

1.You feel better about the relationship when you're not in her presence.

2.You wonder what all the fuss is about sex, anyways.

3.You're really bugged by the way she breathes.

4.As soon as she says she's going to bed, you suddenly feel wide awake.

5.She's taking you to see your favorite team, but you dont feel like getting dressed.

6.You escape to a romantic little island together and find yourself wishing there was more to do.

7.When she's flirting with another man at a party, you hope they hit it off.

8.When you make love, she thanks you.

9.Kissing starts to feel like a real waste of time.

10.You feel a pang if she turns off the TV before sex.

11.After a fight, the make-up sex is great--except you haven't really made up.

12.She refuses to consider couples therapy on the grounds that she doesn't have any problems.

13.You get dressed in the bathroom. With the door closed.

14.When you pick up the Sunday paper, instead of reading the sports section first, you find yourself drawn to For Rent: Studio Apartments.

15.You have alot of reasons to stay together, none of which are "I can't live without her."

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